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Basics of Home Staging

Falkner •

With such a competitive real estate market, it is not enough to just list your house on the real estate market and call it a day. You are pretty much fighting with hundreds of similar houses and if you do not put in the necessary effort of staging your place for real estate selling, you will find yourself in the same situation for months – with an unsold house and a wavering real estate bubble. So, once you do decide to style the house, here are some home staging basics you may want to know for yourself.

Let go

Some people actually forget this one essential step for home staging – you have to let go. For once, you should let your house speak to someone other than you and your family. You must help your home look ready for another group of people. It has served its purpose and once you accept it, the more you are able to easily stage your house to your perceived target market.


Before you even begin letting people in, make sure that your clutter is at a minimal level. Store it someplace else or throw unnecessary things away. It will help you when the time comes to move out anyway. But aside from the obvious fact that it is annoying to look at, clutter actually means that the place does not work – that the house has a huge lack of storage or organisational appeal. The last thing your buyer should think is that there is a lack of cabinets in the house and they would have to improvise.

Neutralize Odours

A lot of people has heard of the ‘real estate’ hack wherein they bake cookies (or fake the smell of freshly baked cookies) before a viewing to make the house feel cosier. This is indeed true. But if you do not have the time and effort to do it, just try and neutralise the odours. Have someone else – don't be afraid to use home staging companies such as this one as they'll be sure to style your home so it's ready for auction, and this includes getting rid of nasty odours you may be accustomed to. Bad or musty odours may give your buyers the thought that the house has water damage.


You have to assume that your potential buyers would nitpick your house to the very last switch. So why not take the extra step and have your busted lights, leaking pipes, creaking doors, or whatever that needs fixing, repaired. It just gives that impression that the house is in its tip top shop. Besides, this will also save you from the hassle of your buyer bugging you for house repair claims.

Personal Stuff

This may be a little bit of an extra effort but personal stuff such as family photos, diplomas, or trophies may actually work against you. You want your visitors to imagine themselves in your place and any trace of personal items may hinder that. You may also want to avoid religious or political pieces as to not produce bias. It's actually quite common that to people give their entire home a presale makeover and remove all of their own personal furniture and instead use custom furniture for show to help make the home more appealing to potential buyers.

Bright Lights

Have you ever seen a painting with dim lighting? As much as you love the speakeasy bars, avoid this with your house. Dark colours have slimming properties so poorly lit room would feel much smaller than it actually is. Open up the drapes and let natural light in, people eat that up and they just love to have the option to open up their windows and let fresh air in.