Uluru Fork and View

The Uluru Fork & View Story 

The Fork and View is a partnership between two local central Australian tour companies.

SEIT Outback Australia a small group tour company specialising in a variety of touring options at the base of Uluru and throughout Central Australia 

Australian Transit Group (ATG) operates through Western Australia and the Northern Territory specialising in passenger transport solutions and services for government, private companies and individual customers both on a contractual and charter basis.

It all started when three entrepreneurs from both these companies enjoyed a relaxing glass of red together in late 2015. The seed for a new and unique enterprise was planted. Their discussion centered around a decommissioned double decker bus and what to do with it. Wayne asked, “have you got any use for our old 1980 vintage Denning double decker bus?” Brett replied with “Nope not really, I don’t know what we could use it for”. “Where is it?” questioned Kathy. Wayne responded “It’s at the Australian Transit Group Downunder depot in Perth, I can have it here in a week”. Again Brett questioned “What will we do with it?!” “Hmm, I know” said Wayne,

“let’s cut the top off and do topless touring at Uluru!!” Kathy laughed, “You two are crazy!” But then the bright idea came - turn it into a mobile restaurant and do a progressive dinner around the base of Uluru. Everyone looked at each other and said “That’s a bloody ripper idea, let’s do it!” So Uluru Fork & View was born. It didn't take long for these local operators to turn this somewhat crazy idea into reality.

The bus was soon transferred to Alice Springs where it was stripped out, had the roof taken off, the sides strengthened and the entire upper deck fitted out as a luxury 44 seat open air restaurant with panoramic views. The lower deck now includes a basic but well-equipped commercial kitchen. The ideas for the design of the fit out came from all corners of the globe. Whilst traveling from one place to the next on public transport during an overseas trade show, instead of looking at the scenery like most people, the creators were gaining ideas, looking under tables and chairs and many momentous discussions took place to bring the idea and vision to life.

Wayne Thompson, Northern Territory Manager of ATG, was instrumental in bringing the design of the bus to life using local Alice Springs contractors including the services of the Alice Springs Correctional Facility.

Meanwhile at Uluru, SEIT Outback Australia, the small group tour specialist led by its passionate Managing Directors Kathy and Brett Graham, developed touring options and creative menus thus establishing the tour program for the double decker.

This wonderful partnership between these two successful Central Australian businesses can now offer guests both domestic and international an experience of a life time at the base of Uluru.

Groups and Private Charters can now enjoy The Uluru Outback Explorers Dinner Tour, a progressive three course meal set around the base of Uluru. For the individual travelers to Uluru a morning tea experience will be available daily – The Uluru Billy Tea and Tjukurpa* Tour (*Creation Stories).

Both options are inclusive of expansive open air views atop the double decker as the bus circumnavigates the base of Uluru, inspiring all those that travel to learn about the culture, the pioneering history and the environment of this amazing desert region, all whilst enjoying delicious food, drinks and warm Central Australian hospitality. 

Come and experience Uluru with an upper deck view on board the brand new “Uluru Fork and View”